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The BEC of Sta. Cruz, Archdiocese of Davao


      1. Community Desription

          The St. Joseph the Worker Parish is one of those parishes which promote BECs
        as an agent of renewing the church and society. It is located in Brgys. Sasa, Pampanga,
        Davao City. It has a total catholic population of 45,000. It has 47 BECs with chapel based.
        It has an aiport, seaport, and 15 subdivisions. Fr. Pete Lamata is the parish priest and at
        the same the Pastoral Director of the archdiocese.

        Looking back to our faith experiences with the GKK/BECs, we identify Gagmay’ng
        Kristohanong Katilingban (GKK) Sta. Cruz as successful BEC. It is located in Fortune
        Executive Homes. It has 400 catholic families. Most of the families receive higher
        education. The families in the village are consider economically stable. There is no
        indigents identified. The gathering of people usually happen in the chapel and the
        plaza. GKK Sta. Cruz is one of the pilot area of our GKK Family Clustering program.

      3. Organizing Process
        1. Home visitation to catholic families
        2. Social Investigation regarding community’s situation on social, political, economic,
        3. spiritual-moral, cultural and environmental.

        4. Legworking of community’s participation
        5. Calling a meeting
        6. Making follow-up
        7. Evaluation/Planning
      4. Story

GKK Sta. Cruz started in 1986. The families gathered for the holy rosary prayer in
the homes of the catholic families. This activity known as block rosary. The Parish
Formation Team gave basic orientation were given like Basic Evangelization Seminar,
Basic Bible Seminar, Basic Liturgy Seminar, and BEC Seminar. During Flores de Mayo
the children have catechesis and pray the holy rosary.
There is an active participation of the people in the village resulted the community
decided to build chapel in honor of Sta. Cruz. The community celebrate fiesta every April
with novena and Holy Mass. They chose their leaders to handle the affair of the community.
There is "Kasaulogan sa Pulong" (other called us Liturgy of the Word) every Saturday
night led by Pangulo sa Liturhiya.

There are 32 community leaders such as Pangulo sa Katilingban (GKK), Pangulo sa
Pag-alagad (Service), Pangulo sa Panudlo (Formation), Pangulo sa Liturhiya (Worship),
Pangulo sa Kristohanong Katilingban (Family & Life), Pangulo sa Pagpahigayon sa
Inpormasyon (Media/Social Communication), Pangulo sa Batan-on (Youth), Secretary,
and Treasurer.

Due to the increase attendance in the liturgical celebration, a Holy Mass is celebrated
twice a month. On-going formation of leaders and in family clustering level on BEC/GKK.
A two-year pastoral plan is formulated towards the building and strengthening of families
and BECs.

4. Reasons for Succesful Status

Regular home visits, personal sharing/dialogue, legworking, meetings/assemblies,
planning/evaluating the community’s activities helped kept sustain our BECs. People’s
participation are observable in any activities of the BECs. Program for GKK Family
Clustering resulted to the increase of participation of community members (adults,
youth and children).

5. Learnings and Insights from Experience

In building BECs/GKKs the culture and holy traditions of the people is very much
respected. Allowing the people to identify their problems/needs led them to come up
solutions according to the kingdom values. Sharing of community’s human and material
resources are expressions of personal bonding.
The parish dream for a Community of Disciples united in faith, sharing love, witnessing
Hope. It is in the BECs we have seen this dream a reality.