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A BEC in the Diocese of Romblon
1. Community Description :
2. Organizing Process :

After the Parish Formation Team received a training from the Diocesan formation Team, the officers of the Chapel (Chapel Coordinating Council CCC or CAC) were also trained. The CAC then conducted spot mapping where they divided the Barangay into zones and the Zones into "Sambulig" or BEC cell (10 to 15 families) in the map. Having divided the zones into "Sambulig," BEC facilitators or "ka-bulig" were then identified from every Sambulig, (1 or 2 Kabulig per Sambulig). The PFT then conducted training on the identified Kabuligs (on BEC concepts and process, how to conduct for organizing sessions, and how to facilitate a Gospel sharing meeting (the Jesucentrong Pagpupulong). Having been trained,the 2 kabuligs conducted home visits to their covered area of 10 to 15 families. After a month, the families were invited to the first Sambulig session by the Kabulig. Soon, other sessions were conducted weekly using the Sambulig modules and sometimes the Jesucentrong Pagpupulong.

3. Story :

The Sambulig sessions adopted from the Bukal ng Tipan Manual and from the Antique Manual were interesting as their method used was experiential. The 2 Kabuligs, being professionals, handled well the sessions. Because of these, weekly sessions became regular as they were well attended and facilitated. The member families have become very close, too. Their involvement in the Parish activities were also observed. Their pledges have increased ; some are giving fifties.

4. Reasons for Success :

    1. The leadership commitment competence of the Kabuligs
    2. The interesting organizing sessions of Bukal ng Tipan of Antique
    3. The closeness development among the members

    4. 5. Learnings and Insights from Experience :

      1. Kabuligs need set of modules that they can use during Sambulig gatherings
      2. It is good to have 2 Kabuligs in one Sambulig especially if the Kabuligs are not professionals. Both can support each other.
      3. Good relationship of the sambuhig members can be a good factor in the maintenance of a group / Sambulig.
      4. On-going trainings are must for the Kabuligs or BEC facilitators
Contact person :

Monching Reandelar