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The BEC of  Immaculate Conception, New Corella
(Diocese of Tagum)


1. Community Description

(no. of families; economic status; social conditions, distinctive features)

There are 42 families in this BEC, mostly farmers in the rural areas (agricultural community) they own their farm lands and others are workers in the LGU and plantation. Middle class families with an average member of 6.
2. Organizing Process
Point of entry is liturgy – considering the cultural background of such a community, mostly from Bohol. Before BEC, the community prayed the rosary in their chapel every Sunday. It started when the Maryknoll Missionaries answered the need for receiving sacraments particularly the Holy Eucharist, the beginning of lay ministry, thus the formation and training of lay ministers. From then on, there was clarification of family members thru census and territorial boundaries, policies and structure including various apostolates that looked into the growth and development of the GKK (BEC). Though in the process there is struggle for sustaining the community’s life.
3. Story
(BEC is a diocesan thrust)
This GKK started 1978, when the group of 25 families decided to build another BEC from the mother BEC/GKK.
4. Reasons for Success
5. Learning and Insights from Experience