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BEC Purok Masikap, Puerto Princesa

Diocese of Palawan

    1. Community Description :

    2. No. of families - 300 families

      Economic Status - poor

      Social conditions - poor

      Distinctive features - They know each other through their vices and means of living such as : fishing, wholesaling and retailing of fish, tricycle driving, carpentry, etc.

    3. Organizing Process :
      1. Home visit /dialogue of life
      2. Announcement of BEC formation/lecture after mass
      3. Lecture/talks of prepared topics
      4. Election of officers : coordinators and facilitators
      5. Weekly rotation of Bible study by group
      6. General Assembly – twice a month
      7. Leadership training
    4. Story :
It started sometimes of March, 1999 thru home visit by the MSLT sisters and catechist. It was followed by the formation of groups. Every week there was a session. After 10 successive sessions there was an election of officers or should I say new set of officers because there was already existing set of officers then on October 23, 1999. the first project was the repair of our Chapel. It was dilapidated, made of indigenous materials and flooded every time there was heavy rain.

After a year, the sister was transferred and another sister came who really is hardworking and deepens the knowledge of each member that even if she’s not around leaders continue their given tasks and is continuously doing until now. The group was divided into "Kapitbahayan" of 6-10 families. They were taught the seven steps gospel sharing. Until now the group continues doing the activities that sustain the community to go on. Conflicts such as families, relatives and political issues were resolved even if the sister coordinator/facilitator is not around. There is an increase attendance of church goers especially when there are important occasions. There were also problems especially the attendance of men in our gospel sharing but the community/group still pursued the activity and also participated whatever activities in the sharing.

Four reasons for success :

      1. patience and perseverance of the leaders
      2. continuous gospel sharing
      3. empowered leaders/community
      4. regular gathering of leaders and members
      5. lessened conflicts among leaders/members
5. Learnings and Insights from Experience :
      1. Even if the group is not complete, leaders were there to go on with their tasks and or Bible study and sharing ;
      2. That even drunkards were made to attend recollections, do confession and received communion and is looking for ward to the bible studies when they are doing fishing.
      3. That previously a member who was hesitant / apprehensive of attending because of the leaders encouragement and life sharing are now actively participating in every activity called for by the leaders.
      4. Leaders were trusted due to the fact that when they call for a meeting, more people are now attending than previous days.
      5. Openness in the life sharing is now being done by the members even if not encourage to do so, which makes for reconciliation among members.
      6. During our third anniversary ; it seems more were touched by a realistic sharing of priest who were then a priest of another place whose audience has the same means of livelihood he is mentioning. That the priest should take the initiative of bringing the church to the people and not the people to the Church.
      7. Finally, meetings, seminars, celebrations for all leaders and members and other activities were sustained.
Contact Person :
Flor Fernandez
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan