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BECs of Paktil, Bontok-Lagawe


Paktil is one of the active Gimong (BEC) in Upper Bauko, one of the parish in Mountain Province. This Gimong divided themselves into thirteen (13) small Gimongs. They meet every Sunday to celebrate prayer meeting with communion service. Each small gimong is assigned to sponsor the prayer meeting. Prayer meeting take the place of the Holy Mass if there is no priest. This is conducted by a lay leader. The Lay leader or BEC coordinator meet regularly with these groups to plan their Gimong activities. They manage their own seminars. Each thirteen gimongs contribute in kind or in cash for things needed. They believe that active participation in the Gimong builds BEC promotes unity and harmony. Their simple living, sharing of food, praying and celebrating together in the prayer meeting make them happy. There is no selfishness but generosity of each member count very much.


Community Description

    • 50 families
    • farmers- vegetable growers
    • community-oriented
    • families are intacted
    • they are challenged to protect their environment from erosion
Organizing Process

Culturally the BEC existed but they started to name it and form certain gimongs.

Reasons for Success

Cooperation and commitment especially the lay leader
Trained as lay leader

Learning and Insights from Experience

BECs are strengthened because of the indigenous culture
Continuous formation of lay leaders help strengthen BECs.