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Faith sharing in a weekly bible sharing -facilitors’for bible sharing lack adequate preparation or competence on indepth bible-sharing
There are many good-willed volunteers - but lacking training and skills in delivery
There are formation centers for BEC people and BEC formation programs But lacking or no funds to send trainees to these centers
Resources available: Documents on PCP-II, CCC,CFC,etc.

Expertise and resources of mandated orgs.

  • but weak implementation
- but not always tapped or coordinated by the parish priest
New Evangelization as integration of faith and life  - but need for competent and trained formators and lacking in implementation
People thirst for good homilies  - but not all priests prepare well their best means to evangelize through homilies 
Suggested Implementing Guidelines & Recommendations

Through bring about a new evangelization through BECs , we believe and recommend the ff:

  1. A systematic formation program (bible training, leadership skils, etc. offered by the different training centers be made available to BEC leaders by:
    1. funding the expenses incurred by the candidates
    2. making the program available to more leaders who have the capacity to train others and not only upon the choice of priest
    3. studying church documents (PCP-II, CCC, CFC, etc.) and many BEC materials
  2. To tap and coordinate work with varied mandated organizations;
  3. Link / network with Church Episcopal Commissions focusing on a particular ministry. Ex. ECBA, ECFL, ECCCE, CLP, etc. and their diocesan offices.
  4. For the priestly training –
    1. For effective evangelizing, we recommend a more strict selection of candidates to the priesthood.
    2. That their seminary formation should take care very well the area of proclamation of the Word of God to make it touch people’s lives (biblical-pastoral)
    3. That they be trained in building and sustaining BECs as agents of renewal in the Church and in society.