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Family is the basic unit of B.E.C Not all members of the family participants in B.E.C.
Families/Family ties should be strong and caring for his own and others Family first and only to your family and if there’s excess that the time for other family
Family is open and accepting to one another Responsibilities become obligations instead of expression of LOVE
Christ is the center, therefore, the family should be Christ centered Erosion of the sanctity of the family because of technology media/globalization/work, materialism, etc.
Sanctity of the family  
Sense of belongingness to a family  
Suggested Implementing Guidelines & Recommendations
      1. Clear parish Vission-Mission (to include family life aspect)
      2. Come up with a community family profile
      3. Formulation and implementation of family life programs
      4. Form a family life community (parish level) headed by a trained couple
      5. Consultation with other movements/association/groups on how they can help promote/strengthen family life
      6. Family orientation of different existing parish programs (e.g. pre/post cana)
      7. Awareness raising for family involvement in societal issues
      8. organize people/families to "rally" against bills being proposed against family values.