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More towards organic farming for the preservation of the environment Globalization

Poor canít afford organic food

Capital comes from the people The people may not be able to put up the required 50% capital
Sustainability Very slow process
Self-reliance Foreign funded
Diocesan level of institutionalization of centers Possible danger that other poor sectors are marginalized
Suggested Implementing Guidelines & Recommendations
      1. Local mobilization of savings as a real viable alternative
      2. Write a project feasibility study for the poor for funding
      3. The diocesan level of mobilizing, finding and organizing
      4. Utilize whatever type of local resources whether human or natural
      5. Networking and tie up with government agencies (advocacy)
      6. Networking and tie up with NGOs and private sectors
      7. Networking with other BECs to learn from them
      8. Come out with an alternative economic system
Enthusiasm of Parish pastoral leaders Possibility of burn out

Domination and dependency

Initiative of PP for seed money Possibility to be abused
Organizing and sustaining component Lack of expertise
Responding to the felt need of parishioners Limited resources
Capability and political will, both PP and community Lack of commitment
Networking and linkaging Possibility of being coopted
Suggested Implementing Guidelines & Recommendations
      1. Take time to build relationships
      2. BECs should be primarily organized before IGPs
      3. Respond to the felt need of the people.
      4. Organizing must undergo the natural process, not by force.
      5. Identify and tap potential leaders and giving them the necessary formation and training.
      6. Exchange of technologies through networking and linkages.
      7. Empowerment on the part of the laity through shared leadership and democratic participation.
      8. Just compensation as a policy.
      9. Maximization of local resources.