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The BEC National Assembly 2002
In May 2002,  the Bukal ng Tipan broached the idea of a BEC national assembly.  A group made up of Estella Padilla (Bukal ng Tipan), Msgr. Manny Gabriel (Luzon), Fr. Jomari Delgado (Visayas) and Fr. Amado Picardal (Mindanao) met in Iloilo in June and September to plan the event . The CBCP president, Archbishop Orlando Quevedo, supported the idea and encouraged the various dioceses in the Philippines to attend the assembly.

From November 11 to 15, 2002,  183 participants coming from 51 dioceses responded to the invitation and gathered at the Holy Family Retreat House, Cebu City for the BEC national assembly. There were 119 lay people, 45 priests and 19 religious sisters. Besides the delegates from the dioceses, there were also participants from the Council of the Laity and guests from England and Brazil. There were six bishops who were present:
    Bishop Gabriel Reyes - bishop of Aklan and chairman of the Episcopal Commission on the Laity
    Bishop Antonio Palang - bishop of Mindoro
    Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos - bishop of Butuan
    Bishop Luis Antonio Tagle - bishop of Imus
    Archbishop Angel Lagdameo - archbishop of Jaro
    Archbishop Orlando Quevedo - archbishop of Cotabato and CBCP president.
Cardinal Ricardo Vidal presided at the opening liturgy and welcomed the participants.

The steering committe was made up of Estella Padilla (overall facilitator for day 1 and day 5), Fr. Amado Picardal (overall facilitator for day 2), Msgr. Manny Gabriel (overall facilitator for day 3) and Engel Alaba (overall facilitator for day 4).

The Bukal ng Tipan and the Cebu BEC secretariat provided the staff and  facilitators for the small group discussion.

Below is the timetable of the assembly:

 Nov 11, Monday
 Nov 12, Tuesday
Nov 13, Wed
Nov 14, Thurs
Nov 15, Friday
  8:00am  Morning Liturgy  Morning Liturgy  Morning Liturgy
 8:30-10:00 am Small group sharing/
story telling: successful, failed, unstable BECs
Workshops: BECs and 11 topics/grps Keynote address:  Archbishop Orlando Quevedo  Final Statement, resolutions
 snack break
 snack break
snack break
 snack break
10:30-12:00  con't: significant learnings, challenges, prep for creative reporting 11 am Report/Reactions
BEC & Political Action
BEC & Economic Empowerment
reaction & questions, dialogue with the Archbishop Final Eucharistic Celebration
12:00 -2:00
lunch rest
lunch rest
lunch rest
lunch rest
2:00-4:00 pm creative reporting  report & react:
BEC & Ecclesial Management
BEC & priestly life
BEC & Mandated Orgs and Movements
BEC & organizing approaches
 interdiocesan sharing: significant learnings, challenges, and resolutions  home sweet home
Opening rites
Community building
snack break
snack break
snack break
snack break
4:30 5:00 pm Eucharistic Celebration (Cardinal Vidal)  Open Forum, Levelling off
Surfacing BEC issues, concerns
BEC & Liturgy
BEC & New Evangelization
BEC & Ecumenism, Interfaith dialogue
BEC & Family Life
BEC & Alternative Youth Lifestyle
Reporting of Interdioceses
Eucharistic Celebration
Eucharistic Celebration
Eucharistic Celebration
8:00-9:30 Sharing: Ms. Lucia Ribeiro on Latin American BECs BEC Ukay-ukay: Exchange of formation modules, consultations

smsmall group sharing/discussion

Workshop Reports

ccreative reporting


The reactors to the reports on the various areas of concerns:

1. Mr. Conrado de Quiros - political analyst
2. Mr. Ross Quinn - organic farming technologist and grassroots economist
3. Bishop Chito Tagle - theologian
4. Msgr. Manny Gabriel - missiologist
5. Dr. Manny de Guzman - lay theologian
6. Fr. Albert Alejo, SJ - sociologist-anthropologist